Friday, 13 November 2009

A New Start...

So its been a while... 

Lots has changed in the past year, mainly in the past two months. So have decieded to start afresh. Best way to do it!

Originally started the Blog two years ago after doing an Interview With Joe d'Eon for his Podcast, Fly with Joe.

A little bit about where i am now, working through my last year of school, Officially an Adult now too which is always a bonus!

My Dream of flying is on hold for the time being, mainly due to Money issues now! Health side of things has cleared up nicely! So once i get a good chunk of the £8000 together ill look at starting again :)

I've recently taken up Photography as a hobbie, brought myself a Nikon D60 with assorted lenses and have been off to a few Bases around the country with a friend (We'll call him Knife) to test it out :) Surprised myself and Knife once i got to grips with it!

So yea, ill try to keep this a little more updated than last time :)